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Book - Biyi Adeyemo

In your career advancement, it will be difficult for you to earn more money except you add to your skill and expertise.

The necessity for success in life is doing what you know. To climb up in life, investing your abilities in something that would outlast it is inevitable.

To understand how to stand out, seek out opportunities, get your ideas translated into action and achieve what you intended to achieve, this book is a must read


  • Chapter 1 : Inspired Dreams
  • Chapter 2: The Process of Standing Out
  • Chapter 3 : Expressing Abilities
  • Chapter 4: Take a Mental Leap
  • Chapter 5: Getting to Success Point


The inability to follow –through on ideas is more often the problem rather than having too many ideas.

How do we leave the level of mediocrity and strive for all round success?

The book “Idea Motions: Creating Your Success Path” by Biyi Adeyemo answers these questions by laying emphasis on what an idea is, how you can generate an idea and ways you can implement an idea or shape an already existing idea into an innovation.

Biyi spent years putting together his personal theory “Biyinomics” and other renowned theories /quotes that have been proven to be effective, naming great ideas that have been brought to fruition and presenting all these in a way that is clear, easy to understand and all round interesting.

The book starts out with a guideline on what to do with an “Inspired Dream”. Stating that, it is never too late to achieve a dream or an idea.  It can be achieved simply by defining what life is all about, knowing what your passion is, developing oneself personally and having initiative.

From there, it dives into “The Process of Standing Out”. Listing effective ways an individual can stand out through responding positively, serving responsively, having an eye for opportunities and wanting to experience something you really want to achieve.

The book digs further into how we can “Express Abilities” by becoming a catalyst, manage priorities, set goals and and achieve effective branding.

Finally, “Taking a Mental Leap” is stressed throughout the last part of the book as action steps are the key to  completing any  creative project . The author had so many researched evidence to backup these claim of always setting your ideas in motion.

Copies can be ordered at :

  • Laterna Book Stores @ 13, Oko-Awo Close, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • The Hub Media Store @ The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos.

Or email info@biyiadeyemo.com